Do you have any problem installing Windows with this message?

"Windows cannot be installed to this disk. The selected disk has an MBR Partition table. On EFI Systems, Windows can only be installed  to GPT disk."  

Here is the solution.



This is caused by the new system format. Since Windows 8, UEFI mode is supported in practice and is actually recommended. Users who used it in general BIOS format until Windows 7 have problems because they used the disk in MBR format.

You do not have to understand everything about these technical stuff.

All we need is a Windows installation.

Please read it thoroughly before proceeding. Any problems that arise during this process are your personal responsibility.

First of all, it is the same until USB boot for Windows installation. Then, instead of proceeding directly to installation, select "Repair your computer" menu, just like the picture above. It's the same on Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.

And run Command Prompt AS ADMINISTRATOR.

Type "diskpart" and enter.

Without the double quotation marks

Type "list disk"

Of course without the double quotation marks

You should check carefully where you want to install the operating system.

Usually, the biggest part is the drive we are installing Windows and is usually disk 0.

But not always. It may vary depending on the system.

Once you have selected the drive, type: "select disk #"

(# for disk number, and of course without the double quotation marks)

This process deletes all data on the disc. Please check again before proceeding.

Type "clean"

Finally, type the following and everything is done.

Type: convert gpt

And to go back to Installation menu, just type "exit" and enter.

You should now be able to proceed with Windows installation without problem.

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