New to Lenovo Laptops? And need to update your computer? Here is the simple way to do it. Just follow these steps.

STEP 1: Visit to

the first thing you have to do is, just visit to the official Webpage:

And then click "SUPPORT" tab and "TECHNICAL SUPPORT", just like the Picture below.

STEP 2: Find your product

In the search bar, just type in your product name, for example, E465 in my case, or T460 etc. If you have no idea, which product you are using, skip this step and go directly to "For Beginners" down below.

STEP 3: Download Drivers

Now you can download drivers you want. Very easy, huh? :-)

For beginners

Is it too hard for you? Then follow these easier ways.

Case 1: If your computer is running Windows 10:

Source: the Verge

(Windows 10 looks like this Picture above.)

Go to Store. Or if you can't find Store in Start Menu, you can search with the Windows Search located in the Task Bar on the bottom of your screen.

And search "Lenovo Companion"

Click and install it. Almost done!

Too difficult? just click [here]

Store will be automatically opened.

After installing this app, you can run it in the Start Menu. And just click "SYSTEM UPDATE".

That's all. It couldn't be easier. :-)

Case 2: If your computer is running Windows 7

Windows 7 looks like this.

In this case, click [here] to download LENOVO SYSTEM UPDATE. And run this programme to update your PC. That's it! :-)

Pretty easy, huh?

Stay up-to-date, my friends!


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